15 presentations

The first and most important part of the LifeVantage Master Track path to success is the sharing of information with others. We call this a presentation. You will either be sharing information and tools about the products or the business. Below are some ways in which you can share the information about the business opportunity. Those individuals who share this story with 15 people a month consistently month after month, and teach others to do the same, enjoy the benefits of a thriving business. Watch the below short training videos to learn how you can achieve this goal:

For that busy person who is unable to attend a live presentation right away, or for that person who needs to know more before attending an event or for that person that lives geographically distant from yourself, the following are ways in which you can connect people with the LifeVantage stories from the convenience of their own homes.

Click the button below in order to prepare the tools you will need in order to show up to a presentation like a pro:

Click the button below in order to find a playlist of short videos highlighting 10 different methods of having the information presented to your guest. You will find the method that works best for you, but you may find that over time each method can be leveraged to meet the needs of your guest. This list includes:

  • How To Use 3-Way FB Messenger
  • How to create a FB Event Webinar.
  • How To Do A 3-Way Call
  • How To Do A Launch 60 Call
  • Using Your /Start Landing Page
  • How To Use 3-Way Zoom
  • Sitdowns
  • Bigbluecalendar.com
  • Inviting To Training Events
  • In Home Meetings