Chelsea Fournier is a lawyer, turned entrepreneur, turned professional network marketer. After hitting a wall in her career, health, and relationships in her late 20s, she decided to shake up her life and decide what she truly wanted to allow back in and what she wanted to intentionally change. She has created a career and a life that are in alignment with her passions. She loves to travel, mentor up and coming entrepreneurs, and help inspire people to reach their highest potential. She is a big advocate of being open to a Plan B in your life and your career. You can learn more about her story at


Pete and Stacie have been with LifeVantage for three years and deeply appreciate what being a part of this company and team has given their whole family! LifeVantage has improved their health and mindset and has given them the vehicle they desired and needed to create financial stability and achieve their many dreams! As parents of teenagers who have lived paycheck to paycheck for their twenty years of marriage they truly understand the power and hope that this unique opportunity has provided for them. They are overjoyed that they have partnered with LifeVantage at this early stage because they have the ability to help improve the lives of thousands of other families!

Sarah and Chris Smith - PRO 5

Chris and Sarah Smith are entrepreneurs, adventurers, and parents dedicated to helping positive people co-create a life of freedom.

Chris is an experienced Ski industry professional with a love for all mountain sports. A career ending injury lead to experience in home building and wood carving and sparked his entrepreneurial vision. Lifevantage has been a perfect fit for Chris’s leadership skills, passion for athletic longevity, and teaching others how to create residual income.

Sarah’s passion for helping others and desire for personal growth and development has been a lifelong pursuit. Serving in Haiti as a Peace Corps Volunteer, working with Outward Bound, attending Landmark Forum, experiencing world travel, and dedicating her career to the healing arts since 2002 has given Sarah a unique perspective on living a balanced, healthy life. She has found her home with Lifevantage and inspired to create a positive impact in the world.

Maija Leyendecker - PRO 5

I’m a manager, a personal trainer, instructor, and massage therapist. Health and wellness is a passion of mine and I honestly have to say that I LOVE all of my jobs. But what I don’t love is the fact that if I get hurt or sick…I can’t do any of them, and I won’t get paid. I also can’t do them forever. So when I found a company that held in it’s hands my life philosophy, a foundation of integrity in it’s corporate culture, and a ground level opportunity embracing what is being hailed the most extraordinary, therapeutic, and preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine…I jumped in… & never looked back.


Chris Mailhoit moved to Portsmouth, NH at the age of twenty-two searching for bigger and better things. The oceanside city was a good fit for him being an avid fisherman and golfer. He quickly embraced the culture there. Bartending was a great fit but the long days and working holidays slowly got old. So when presented an opportunity to join LifeVantage it was an easy decision. Now after five years with LifeVantage Chris has been a major part of helping a large number of people achieve success. Through helping others he is also fulfilling his own dreams. Chris now works from home and travels frequently with his new found freedom.

Kathy Bernier - PRO 5

Kathy Bernier has had a lifelong interest in health and wellness. Having a personal goal to live to age 106 requires special attention to what is available for the best anti-aging products. While working as a personal trainer and the director of a senior center, Kathy also realized how important it was to help others live their lives with their best possible health. When the senior center closed due to funding issues, it was perfect timing for LifeVantage to come along with the exact products and business opportunity to best reach her personal goals while helping many others along the way!

Di Paine - PRO 5


Amanda Brooks - PRO 6

Since an early age, I have had the desire to help others. That desire grew greater as I matured and resulted in me going to school to become a Physician Assistant. For the past 12 years, I have worked in the realm of Emergency Medicine and was content until about six years ago when a variety of things “clicked” and I decided that Western Medicine wasn’t the complete answer to achieving health. I quickly realized that their was a gap between modern medicine and alternative medicine and I wanted to help create a bridge between the two. I opened a Wellness Center a year ago and LifeVantage found me two months later. LifeVantage is helping me to accomplish my mission to improve the wellness of the world and I will be forever grateful.


Never wanting to answer to a boss, Jordan Keto launched a career into the art of Farriery at 18 years old. After 4 years of apprenticeship, and 3 years of bartending nights in Portsmouth NH, he was able to achieve his dream of firing his boss (sorry Jared) at the age of 23. 1 year later, Jordan was introduced to LifeVantage. Seeing an opportunity to help people through both the products and the compensation plan, he quickly went to work to launch his new career. Several years later he says, “This is the most incredible thing I’ve ever dreamed of being a part of, and we’re just getting started!”


Dan Moellering and Andrew Dagastino - PRO 7

Dan and Andy have been connected as lifelong friends since childhood. Some of the fondest memories they’ve known have been build on that foundation. After graduating high school, they went in different directions professionally. Andrew served in the military for our amazing country, and went on to achieve his college degree. That lead him to the corporate world of pharmaceuticals where he had phenomenal success as one of the company’s  top reps. Daniel immediately after high school pursued his entrepreneurial career in the construction sector, creating successful businesses in cedar shake and slate roofing, HVAC-R, and eventually the telecommunications industry. When Lifevantage found them, they saw the vision for an opportunity to combine forces and embark on a journey to make a massive difference in the lives of others in multiple facets by pioneering this amazing breakthrough and teaching others to obtain a life without limits and true freedom. Being able to create something so profound with one of your childhood best friends is one of the most rewarding things these gentlemen could have asked for.

Kim Jacques - Pro 7

After suffering a stroke at the age of 18 I learned the importance of living life to the fullest and on my own terms. I have worked in holistic health since 1999 and dedicate myself to empowering people in achieving optimum levels of health. I am most excited about looking at life and health through a wide view lens however and supporting individuals in redefining their life’s direction. Living a life of purpose and surrounding myself with others who desire a life of freedom is what LifeVantage has brought into my life. Being able to achieve geographic freedom and becoming a global citizen is my ultimate goal.


Marci and Dondee Nettles - PRO 9

Marci Nettles: Working as a Police Officer for 10 years, I experienced negative competition, inequality for women and the lack of security that you depend on a paycheck. In 2009, I was in a car accident that took my career, identity, health and purpose. I was unprepared and experienced great loss physically, emotionally and spiritually. Lifevantage brought me HOPE and has since partnered me with my husband., Dr. Dondee Nettles and our perfectly imperfect, blended family. Through Lifevantage, my purpose has never been clearer, allowing me to empower people to their full potential, through personal growth and financial security from residual income! Working with a team in a cooperative setting is more than i ever expected and I look forward to working with all of you!

Dondee Nettles: