Accountability Groups

Why Do We All Need Accountability?

  • To help you attain freedom in your life by achieving your rank advancement or income goals with your business.
  • To give you clarity & direction on the right activities you should be doing every week – so you are clear on activities that lead you to the results & success you want AND reminders of activities we should not be focusing on.
  • To give you, one of our emerging leaders, the support you need to continue growing in your business and in your leadership skills and social media skills.
  • To create a team culture of connection, momentum, support, action, and focus.

Good Vibe Tribe Accountability Group

Wednesday at 8:00PM ET
Zoom ID: 273-225-4024

This group meets weekly via Zoom, to report in on business building actions. It is so powerful to hear other team members’ successes, and also see them overcome hurdles and challenges they are facing. We keep it real. There are just 2 rules of the group:

Rule #1 – No excuses or back story as to why your numbers and report in are what they are. It is so much more powerful to just clearly declare what you have done, and set a goal for the next week.

Rule #2 – We hold the positive good vibe for ourselves and for our other team members to shoot for 15+ presentations a month, with a 10 presentation minimum. Not sure what to count as a presentation in your specific workflow? Let’s chat and make sure you are rocking it!

This group is something you can add yourself and your team members to, so long as you reach out to me and have a strategy call to make sure it feels like a good fit. We typically run this in 90 day cycles and then reassess if it’s still helpful for your business. Some people come in part-way if they are new team members and that’s fine too. So kicking off the beginning of September 2018 – this next round will go through November at least – or we can decide to go up to the end of the year.

How We Report In Be prepared with your tracking sheet & numbers so we can get through everyone

As we get started, I will mute everyone on the line, and unmute you all one by one, to “report in” – we each get 2-3 minutes tops. Set a timer if you need to keep on track 🙂

  • How many presentations have you had so far in the current calendar month so far?
  • What is your focus point / event you are inviting for next?
  • What training are you attending next (virtual or in-person)?
  • Share any new customer, distributor, or celebration stories (briefly) so we can cheer you on!
  • Set a specific goal for action for the next week before report in (write it down for yourself to track progress)

Commitments of Zoom Accountability Group Members

  • Make the Group Accountability Zoom one of your highest priorities of the week. Plan to be on live, so we can start right on time.
  • Send me a picture of your tracking sheet via text in advance of the call time (my cell is 207-240-3582) so I can help you track your progress.
  • Notify me AND still turn in your tracking sheets if you are unable to personally attend the call live.
  • Attend the #inspiredsunday team video call each Sunday at 8:30PM EST – or watch the replay by your lunchtime Monday.
  • Attend one virtual or live training each month. Options: live or virtual Super Saturday, LifeVantage Academy, Elite Academy, Global Convention
  • Be as committed to other members’ businesses as you are to your own. Your group will become your running partners to collaborate with & celebrate with.
  • Be positive and factual about your business, as this is not a place for stories, excuses, or negativity.
  • Honor the individuals in the group by keeping what is said on the call safe and private.
  • Agree that if you are unwilling or unable to make the call 2 weeks in a row, or cannot follow the guidelines, it will be time to disengage from the group until the timing is better. No hard feelings. 

Want to talk it through? Need time with Chelsea?

Excited but unsure?
Or in a group and want some 1:1 time?

If you aren’t quite sure if this accountability structure is the right for you – or if you are committed into the program and want to book some time with me – you can book right into my calendar for a chat right here!

  • grab time for a 3-way call with a prospect
  • grab time for a FB interview or zoom presentation
  • grab time to get some coaching on your story, your personal brand, or posting ideas
  • grab time to talk through your prospects
  • grab time if you want to discuss the accountability group

Need the Tracking Form Handy to Print?

Here’s a quick link to the form. Tips on usage: print out the front sheet 1x a month, so you can track all of your events, volume, and shopping carts in one place. And print out as many copies of page 2 as you need to track the names of the people you are presenting to or getting added into the groups.

Want some training on how to fill it out? Check out lesson 5.1 of the team social media training area:

(Password: inspireaction)

Looking For The Link to Join Your Group Session Live?

We use the same Zoom line each week. You can either enter the Zoom ID 273-225-4024 or hit the hot link button below that brings you right in.