Virtual Event CAlendar

Looking for a presentation to invite your guests to? Wanting to make sure to tune into the next team training? Looking for times to hop on and virtually work with others doing a power hour in their business?

This is our team Virtual Event Calendar where you will find dates and times for the following types of events:

  • Weekly Inspired Sunday team Zoom Call 
  • Live Power Hours To Join & Work Your Business With others
  • LifeVantage Opportunity (LVO) Zoom Calls (a great Srep

Click on the event for details on presenters and zoom channel details.

Looking to book mentoring or advising time with one of our leaders? Grab a slot on your upline’s calendar, knowing they will be available to have a quick strategy call with you to map out your goals, or connect with your prospect via call, Zoom, or video chat.

>> Book time on Kim Jacques’ calendar

>> Book time on Chelsea Fournier’s calendar

Want to add your presentation to the calendar? The more the merrier. Sent us the details below: