Checkout & Enroll Guide

Congratulations!! You have someone interested in placing an order for products, or ready to enroll into your team. We want you to feel confident to take action right away to grow your LifeVantage business. The tools on this page will help you feel like a pro working to checkout your customers & enroll new team members!

Download (and print) Your Checkout & Enroll Guide

Click the button below in order to view and print your Checkout & Enroll Guide. Then watch the video below to walk yourself through the guide.

Quick Links to the tutorial videos embedded in the Checkout & Enroll Guide

Within the Checkout & Enroll Guide, there are links to Tutorials you can share with your customers & new team members if they are going through the process on their own. In case you want to rewatch or share easily, here’s quick links over to the tutorials from the team YouTube channel you can save.

Quick links to other resources from the Checkout & Enroll Guide​

Customer & Product Education Newsletter:

Your Next Steps

Hopefully you have now gone through the Launch Strong Guide and had one or more launch events with the help of your sponsor or support team. You have saved scripts and ideas for your own workflow you love, so you are getting organized and on top of your favorite tools. You are practicing sharing your Sizzling Storym and hopefully have even checked out multiple customers, and maybe even helped to enroll your first new distributor into the team.

Consistency pays off in this business. As an entrepreneur, success is often about doing the mundane tasks, with repetition, that will help you gain the biggest traction. Keep finding focus points to invite to & plug in Power Hours to your calendar. Stay plugged in to the virtual team trainings (Inspired Sunday calls and Virtual Super Saturday are a great baseline).

Check out the Virtual Events Calendar to see what’s coming up this week for you to plug into, invite to, and promote to your team members. And remember, we are always looking into the team to see who really WANTS this, and who could most benefit from mentoring and accountability. If you are serious about hitting a goal and finding success in your business, text your sponsor and support team right now, or post in the Inspire Action Today – Team Group what your goals are, so we can not only cheer you on, but help make sure you have a plan for success.