Congratulations!! Welcome to the Inspire Action Today Team. We want you to feel welcomed and confident to take action right away to launch your LifeVantage business.

Step 1: Download (and print) Your Launch Strong Guide & IAT Weekly Business Activity Tracker

Step 2: Plan to join us for the next Launch Strong Zoom Training - every Sunday at 7PM EST

The weekly Launch Strong Zoom Training is held on the team Zoom room and is highly recommended to attend the first Sunday after you enroll. You can attend a second time, if you need a refresher. Sponsors of new team members are also encouraged to join live if possible, to hear their goals, and support their launch!

www.zoom.us/j/5908450865  |  Meeting ID: 590-845-0865  | Password: LVO

Want to get a jumpstart? Then click the link below in order to walk through a short tutorial of the Launch Guide Tutorial and Short 7 Minute Video. We encourage you to press pause on the video and do the activities as you go along together. You will need to ask your enroller for the team specific weekly schedule and the phone numbers of your two support team members. 

Got Your Launch Plan in Motion? Your Next Step!

Looking to book your Personal LVO? Be sure to reach out to your personal support team in order to schedule that today.