Launch Strong Guide

Congratulations!! Welcome to the Inspire Action Today Team. We want you to feel welcomed and confident to take action right away to launch your LifeVantage business. Now, you are ready to take these important first steps to launch your business strong!

Download (and print) Your Launch Strong Guide

Click the button below in order to view and print your launch strong guide. Then watch the video below to walk yourself through the guide, and revisit this video as you learn how to onboard your new team members.

Your Next Step!

Once you have your first launch events & work through the Launch Strong Guide, you will want some support on developing your ongoing workflow, and likely want some proven scripts to help you move prospects through the process. Make sure to progress next to the Scripts & Workflow Guide.

Want quick links to resources from the Launch Strong Guide to save to your computer?

You should have been invited and welcomed, by your enroller, to our team Facebook Groups:
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Inspired Growth – The Ideal Side Hustle

Here are our favorite tools for first introducing contacts to either the products or business:

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Opportunity Tool –

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