Offline: Daily method of operations

Knowing when your scheduled LifeVantage time is important, but equally as important is knowing what you will be doing during this time. It will be important to understand and prioritize your Income Producing Activities (IPA’s). They include:

  • Databasing (adding names to your list)
  • Connecting with people (icebreaker conversations)
  • Inviting through your story
  • Presenting the company story/product story with “tools and team”
  • BAMFAMING (average 5 follow-ups per person)
  • Closing
  • Supporting your team in doing the above

In order to add to your list daily you will need to expand your network. You can do this through many means including social activities, business networking or meet-ups. Expanding your network to find like minded people will become an exciting part of your new regular routine with offline building. Download the tracker below in order to help guide you on a monthly and weekly basis.