Pacesetter program roadmap

Congratulations!! You are ready to set some big goals and take urgent action to launch your business? Make sure to take advantage of the Pacesetter Promotion offered by LifeVantage. Here you can get yourself up to date, and know how to set yourself on pace to earn additional bonuses, and achieve the foundational rank of our company, on the pathway to Premier ranks and leadership.

Download (and print) Your Pacesetter Program Roadmap

Click the button below in order to view and print your Pacesetter Program Roadmap. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions on how to map out your action to achieve the goals, make sure to book some time with your sponsor or someone in your upline and get your plan into action!

Want to See The Details?

LifeVantage has put this promotion on to help you launch your business, get into profit, and be on pace to continue growing strong (which is why it is called the Pacesetter Program). Here’s a link to the details on the corporate website if you want to dig deeper.