Pacesetter program roadmap

Did you know that you can earn an additional $700 in your first 90 days by launching & building your business to Pro 3? We have found that on average it takes bringing 25 prospects through ITT – Inviting them, getting them to Tools (Step 1, Step 2 and/or Step 3) and introduced to your Team – to get to a rank of Pro 3. So we made you a tracker, to see who you reach out to invite to, take notes on the Steps they see as tools, and how you introduce them to team.

Really running for this promotion? Print out a few sheets, grow your database and start inviting!

Use Our ITT Tracker as your roadmap to Pacesetter!

Click the button below in order to view and print your Pacesetter Program Roadmap. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions on how to map out your action to achieve the goals, make sure to book some time with your sponsor or someone in your upline and get your plan into action! And check out the Pacesetter Program in full on your own if you like the noodle on details 🙂

Set Your Goals Already? Here's Your Next Step!

The more people you ITT through our 3 Steps, the more YES’s you will get! Make sure you know how to checkout customers & enroll new distributors from your replicated website. Need help the first few times? Let your sponsor or upline know you need help and they will be happy to.