Presenter school

Congratulations!! Welcome to the Inspire Action Today Team Presenter School! You have team members working with you, and they want to get their guests in front of you! Let’s help you step into independence in your business, and polish your presenting skills for in-person and online presentations for your team! We love it!


Download the slides, line up your favorite product video to play, watch examples and practice, practice, practice – THEN get out and put it into action! You got this!


Current LVO Presentation Slides

This is the most up to date slide deck, being used in Inspire Action Today Team LifeVantage Opportunity (LVO) presentations. Presenting in person, or via Zoom? Click the button to open the slides, save in the format you need for your device, or launch them live.

NOTE: If you wish to show a video during your presentation, you can choose to play the video(s) hosted at or your other favorite product video.

Download in PowerPoint (.pptx file) or Google Drive Slides Format depending on what you know / can support on your device.

Presentation Examples

Chelsea Fournier - current LVO example

Kim Jacques: Nicole Moore and Haley Fischer Example