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Tariq Faridi's Mission: Wellness Nation

Tariq Faridi is coming out of retirement, to manifest the largest and most impactful project of his lifetime, to benefit the wellness community and movement of creating a Wellness Nation. By aligning with the LifeVantage company, he is positioned to help health professionals convert declining practices into concierge medicine clinics, by offering science-backed and cutting edge product lines to compliment services relating to pain management, metabolic syndrome, and diseases of oxidative stress.

You are being provided this Science Background information in advance of attending an in person event, or an appointment to meet with Tariq directly. These are some of Tariq’s favorite resources around the science.

Materials to Review & Download In Advance of Event

These materials will be reviewed at the event. If you wish to download & study in advance, please feel free. Additional materials also provided below on 2 key products to be discussed.

Additional Materials:
Protandim Nrf2 - Reduce Oxidative Stress

Washington State University deems Protandim Nrf2 "[p]otentially the most extraordinary therapeutic and preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine."

Oxidative stress causes or impacts over 200 diseases. Protandim Nrf2 is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days on average, and up to 70% reduction past the 90 day use mark. 

Joe McCord on Protandim

2005 ABC Primetime Report

Download Protandim Nrf2 Science Pack

Download Protandim Nrf2 Patent

Additional Materials
PhysIQ - Smart Weight Management

PhysIQ helps your patients burn stubborn fat, increase energy, and support digestive and immune system with a scientific, clinically proven formulation designed to trim the fat and boost energy.

PhysIQ uses BIO-tract® to improve delivery of healthy bacteria and proven fat burners like Sinetrol® and Svetol® to help you meet your weight management goals. PhysIQ is a complete system that features:

  • PhysIQ™ Cleanse – Helps remove toxins from the body*
  • LifeVantage ProBio – Improves gut integrity*
  • PhysIQ™ Fat Burn -To kick your body’s natural fat-burning capabilities into gear*
  • PhysIQ™ Protein Shake – To help curb your appetite and build lean muscle*

PhysIQ Product Overview

PhysIQ Fat Burn Featured Product

Download PhysIQ Product Info

PhysIQ Success Stories

Additional Materials
Non-Pharmacological Therapies for Chronic Pain

These materials will be covered in more depth during our longer workshops, for those who enroll into our program, at upcoming in-person and virtual trainings.

What To Expect At The Upcoming Event

Doctor's Dinner - San Antonio, TX

Tariq Faridi will be sharing more information on the science of the product lines put out by LifeVantage, with additional information of how you can incorporate this into your practice either through a retail or e-commerce model. Also, learn about the opportunity to become one of the first representatives of this line and the Wellness Nation movement in San Antonio, for additional business opportunity.