Scripts & Workflow Guide

Hopefully you have gone through the Launch Strong Guide, to get yourself plugged in to recommended first steps, team trainings, and resources. If you haven’t done that yet on your own, or with your sponsor, make sure to go back and get that under your belt. If you have had your first few launch events, and are ready to get into your ongoing rhythm – this guide is for you.


The Scripts & Workflow Guide helps to navigate how to use the current team tools and online resources to expose your prospects to tools & team support to make good decisions about ordering amazing biohacking products through your replicated website, and joining our team! The tutorial video below will be a good introduction for you, to go hand in hand with the guide, so feel free to download & print out the guide, and tune in to the tutorial to boost your confidence & action!

Quick Scripts - get conversation started today!

What if you could send out 10 Jumpstart texts or messages every morning, and get more invites out before noon than you have been all day? Don’t overthink it – these scripts are relevant RIGHT NOW and using as is!

Ready for Mastery? Implement this Online Workflow Guide

Looking for more guidance on how to really bring people through the 3 Step Exposure Process, master follow-up process, and even boost your posture with strong closing questions? Maybe it’s time to go through our Online Workflow Guide.

PRO TIP: there are lots of great hot links in the Online Workflow Guide  Рso even if you print it out, you may want to go through it online at least once, open up all the links, and make sure you are all organized / have links saved you need.

Getting Prospects in Play? Your Next Step!

Write down your growing list of prospects in one place, track who you Invite, get to Tools & introduce to Team (ITT). Also learn how getting 25 people through the steps will, on average, set you up for our Pacesetter Promotion.

P.S. Here are quick links to the popular tutorial videos embedded in the Scripts & Workflow Guide

Within the Scripts & Workflow Guide, there are links to 2 Tutorials on skills referenced in the guide. In case you want to rewatch or share with a team member, here’s quick links over to the tutorials.