Step 3: Introduce To Team

Congratulations! You have now brought your prospect through the process of having heard your story, having viewed the videos on the Step 1: Biohacking Link and/or the Step 2: Presentation Link. You have heard what they are most excited about and what kind of questions they may have

It may be that they are most excited about placing an order for product. In which case, if they are clear that is the next step for themselves, then by all means feel free to just send them an ordering link and skip Step 3 altogether.

If they have questions, and specifically if they have an interest in joining our team, then now is the perfect time to introduce them to the supportive team that you have access to. You can do this one of a few ways, all of which are super simple and will show them the culture of team work that we have at LifeVantage. Let’s review them now.

LVO: LifeVantage Opportunity Zoom Presentations

We have a rhythm of Step 3 live Zoom calls you can invite to, for prospects to see the whole picture of what we have for products & opportunity. We call them LifeVantage Opportunity Zoom calls (LVOs). A team leader will be on live, sharing their screen and slides to cover:

  • Products
  • Company
  • Trends
  • System
  • Timing
  • Compensation
Your job is to invite your guests to join you on these LVO Zoom calls, to confirm with them the day of and to chat with them within 24 hours of their viewing it to see what they liked best and what, if any, action they want to take, or questions they have. Click on the button below to view the calendar and Zoom ID #’s for the LVO.

Feel free to copy and paste or modify this confirmation script to send to them:

Glad you are going to be joining the online presentation as my guest! Here is the link for you to join us on (DAY) at (TIME). The first 20 min or so will be all about health activation and then the last 10 min will be about what we do & how you can support my business. Just click this link right before the start time. You can open on a phone, tablet or computer. If it asks for a meeting ID I have given it  below as well. Otherwise, you will just log right in. It may prompt you to launch or allow access if it’s your first time using Zoom. Have you used Zoom before?
Meeting ID: 590-845-0865


Facebook Or Texting Group Chat

This is when you would add your prospect into a group message with yourself and one of your upline support team members. Remember that your prospect and upline support team member do not know one another. Your job is to start the conversation with introducing and edifying both parties to one another. Also to let the upline support team member know what the prospect has seen, what they have liked best so far and what questions they may have. 

Group texting and FB messages are great for prospects that love to communicate best through these methods and for people who need to communicate in flow, between daily activities. Do you need some technical support on how to do this on Facebook? Click the button below for a short tutorial.

Scheduled Zoom Or Call Chat

Many times it’s best to schedule a time to chat with an upline support partner in order to have individualized questions answered in real time and, in the case of Zoom, face to face. See what available windows of time your prospect has in the next few days and text up to all of your upline support team members to see who is free to be a part of this chat. Give us the windows of time that work best for you and the prospect. The majority of the time one of us will be able to accommodate. 

In this case, because you are reserving the time of your upline support team member it is important to confirm with the prospect the day of the appointment to ensure the date and time still work for them. Messaging them an assumptive and upbeat message like: “I very much look forward to our chat today at 1:30pm. I am excited for you to be able to meet_____.”

The time you have reserved with your upline support team member is the time they will be available for 15-30min. 

Should you want to book a time with Kim Jacques or Chelsea Fournier using their online booking site you can click the button below and select the type of appointment you need.